Phillips & Temro 2021 Product & Application Guide


V-LOCK/FREEZE PLUG HEATER ✔ Fits directly into the frost plug port ✔ Copper heating element ✔ Plated steel or forged brass adapter CHAUFFE-MOTEUR VERROUILLAGE V-LOCK ✔ S’adapte directement

CHAUFFE-MOTEUR FILETÉ ✔ Se visse directement dans le bloc moteur ✔ Élément chauffant en cuivre ou en acier inoxydable ✔ Acier plaqué PLATED STEEL THREADED HEATER ✔ Threads directly into the engine block ✔ Copper elements thread into engine block ✔ Stainless elements thread into the oil pan ✔ Plated steel

dans l’orifice du bouchon expansible

✔ Élément chauffant en cuivre ✔ Adaptateur en acier

plaqué ou en laiton forgé


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