Phillips & Temro 2021 Product & Application Guide


How to select the correct In-Tank Warmer length for your application?


VERTICAL INSTALLATION For maximum heat transfer, select the appropriate tube length for your reservoir. Step 1 - Measure the tank depth


Extension & Standpipe

The Original Arctic Fox Warmer

Step 2 – In tank warmers that have a fuel standpipe, the tube length should be 1” (2.5cm) shorter than the tank depth to use all available fuel in the tank.

HORIZONTAL INSTALLATION To maximize heat transfer, install the In-Tank Warmer 1” (2.5cm) from the bottom of the tank. A thread-in adapter (A-1721) or weld-in adapter (A-2060) must be used to provide a leak proof installation.

1 – 1-1/2" (2.5 – 3.8 cm)

1 – 1-1/2" (2.5 – 3.8 cm)

Hot Fox

Hydra Liner


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