2020 Phillips and Temro Catalog

Wall or Pedestal Mounting Options All charging stations come come standard with a wall mount bracket to all for single stud installation, or choose an optional EVOCHARGE pedestal for ground mount. • Flexible pedestal design supports single and dual port charging station configurations • Pedestals range in height from 4’ – 6’ – 8’ Cable Management Keeps cables off the ground for convenient use & storage of the charging cable. Holster The cable is wound by hand and set on the holster until the next charge. Holster comes standard with each charging station. Retractor A spring loaded tether, suspends cable keeping it off the ground during charging and storage. The cable retractor can be mounted to a wall or on a EVOCHARGE pedestal.

EVOREEL ® Industry-leading, premium cable management solutions.

The self retractable cable reel extends to the desired length when charging and retracts back into the reel for convenient out of the way storage. The EVOREEL can be mounted overhead on the wall or on a EVOCHARGE pedestal. Cable Lengths: 22’ or 30’ Interconnect Cable Lengths: 3’ (standard), 10’ or 20’

Part Number


Cable Length

EVC0111B EVC0101B EVC0201 EVC0402 EVC0403 EVC0404 EVC0301 EVC0601 

EVOREEL Cable Management with J1772 Inlet Adapter EVOREEL Cable Management Hardwire Configuration

22' 22'

Cable Retractor Pedestals - 4ft Pedestals - 6 ft Pedestals - 8 ft


Charging Station Mounting Bracket

Custom Configurations & Additional Accessories Are Available



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