Nylon Protective Outer Sleeving

Synthetic rubber hose with two layers of reinforcement – fiber & steel braids. • Temperature Range: -40°F (-40°C) to +302°F (+150°C) • Options include insulation, nylon sleeve, fittings, bulk lengths and pre-assembled

Heat Shrink Transition Piece

APPLICATIONS • Petroleum base hydraulic fluids • Lubricating oils • Diesel fuels • Coolant solutions

Positive Hose ID

37� JIC—Re-Useable, Female Swivel Connector

Pre-assembled with insulation, nylon sleeve and fittings • Pre-assembled 50' length with (2) reusable JIC fittings installed (4 additional fittings included) • Wrapped in seamless insulated foam tubing • Environmentally protected by a dependable rugged nylon sleeve • Hose ends are finished with heat shrink tubing for durability • Additional heat shrink wrap shipped with hose assembly PRE-ASSEMBLED HOSE – SAE 100R5

13mm (nominal) Foam Insulation

SAE 100R5 Single Wire Braid Hose

Nylon Protective Outer Sleeving

Part No.

Hose Size

Hose I.D.

Hose Length


Nylon Sleeve

Fitting Size A-1752-10 A-1753-12 A-1753-16 A-1753-20 A-1753-24

A-10-600-PS #10 A-12-600-PS #12 A-16-600-PS #16 A-20-600-PS #20 A-24-600-PS #24

0.92" (23 mm) 1.08" (27 mm) 1.23" (31 mm) 1.50" (38 mm) 1.75" (44 mm)

50' (50 m) 50' (50 m) 50' (50 m) 50' (50 m) 50' (50 m)

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

NOTE: 50' bulk hose is terminated on each end with reusable straight female JIC connectors. Includes hose identification labels, 4 extra loose fittings, and 4 ft. of heat shrink tube to cover installation of fittings on additional hose ends. Order additional fittings appropriate for the correct size hose to make additional finished hose sections. See the Reusable Swivel Fitting chart on Page 164.



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