In-Line Warming Arctic Fox in-line warmers maintain the optimum temperature of fuel in cold weather to avoid fuel gelling and keep the engine running at peak performance. The warmer is installed before the primary fuel filter or transfer pump to avoid clogged fuel filters and fuel lines. Heating the fuel closer to the fuel filter reduces the amount of heat loss from the surface of the fuel line.

• Reduces the effects of fuel gelling in the fuel line and filter • Minimal maintenance because there are no moving parts • 304 Stainless steel construction • Convenient aftermarket installation • 6 In-Line Models Types of Heating Electric

Engine Coolant Utilizes warm engine coolant and circulates it through the in-line warmer to keep fuel at the optimum operating temperate in cold weather. Various models to choose from for utilization prior to startup and/or during engine operation.

Designed for 12 or 24volt systems, the in-line warmer replaces a portion of the fuel line and has a self-regulating feature that enables the heater to vary its power output in response to sensed changes in temperature at every point along the element.

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