2022 Phillips and Temro Product & Application Guide



Features: • Component of Thermostat Immersion Heater System • Use in conjunction with engine block heater and Series Y-Cord to control heater usage • Saves money by reducing engine heater operating hours • New installations or replacement part Maintain coolant temperature and save money by reducing the engine heater operating hours with a coolant thermostat. The thermostat is installed at the farthest point from the block heater to monitor the overall coolant temperature. Based on the temperature setting, the thermostat cycles the engine block heater on & off, reducing the operating hours of the engine block heater.

Part No. 3600068 1/2" NPT On 40°F / Off 55°F Part No. 3600058 1/2" NPT On 55°F / Off 75°F Part No. 3600057 1/2" NPT On 100°F / Off 120°F

Part No. 3600066 3/4" NPT On 40°F / Off 55°F Part No. 3600073 M22 X 1.5 On 40°F / Off 55°F

Part No. 3600081 #8 STOR On 40°F / Off 55°F Part No. 3600096 M18 X 1.5 On 40°F / Off 55°F

Part No. 3600087 M27 On 40°F / Off 55°F



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